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    Team Leader, O2, UK

    Search2jobs gives employers a great opportunity to find potential candidates, because it’s a platform of a smaller scale where mutual interests can easily meet up. As a manager I am happy to be receiving a lot of resumes of talented and sufficiently read young adults that can grow with us and make their first steps in the Customer Service Industry.


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    Account Manager, BareFace, UK

    What I am looking for as an employer is that little “spark” in the eyes of a person when they come to our interviews. The spark that reveals one’s motivation and intentions, it says “I am pro-active, I am motivated, I will act, and not just execute instructions!” This is the kind of people we are looking for in “BareFace”! Search2jobs has helped us find many young well-educated and creative enthusiasts that are still with our team! It’s a very special place to hunt for future employees!

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    HR Specialist, Amazon, USA

    As a company which is hiring students and people with little or no experience, we are publishing with several online platforms and what we like about search2jobs is its simplicity. The advantage for us to use a smaller platform such as search2jobs is that it’s closely specified and easily organized. The feeling of “swimming in an endless sea” and not encountering the desired candidates is common when using headhunters and bigger job platforms. Amazon found many of our young professionals via smaller platforms.

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We offer the latest job offers in UK & USA for candidates with no or little experience!


Search2jobs is mobile friendly so that you can keep up with the latest job offers from anywhere! Stay up-to-date with the vacancies that best suit you! Check the ones you are interested in at any time of the day!

Search your desired job by tags – location tags, industry tags, position tags and many more to find the perfect match for you! Job offers are now easily differentiated by specific tags. Click a tag and see all offers related.

A special selection of top employers from UK and USA. The website provides a significant variety of companies from different sectors that offer job opportunities for candidates with little or no experience.

A Blog section with best tips on how to find a proper job and other useful information for applicants is available and always fresh! Pieces of information on how to proceed when looking for a new position are regularly added to our BLOG.

Separate sections for UK jobs and USA jobs were designed, so that you can find faster what you are looking for and distinguish between job offers easily. Both sections are regularly updated.

Search2jobs is easy to use. Applicants can now upload resumes and Motivation letters and manage them easily from their profile. We provide you with the opportunity to upload several versions of your documents and keep them all in one place!

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